Carl John Fechner
Carl is the Founder of Growing Deep and Strong Series, Founder of Strategy Consultants, A follower of Jesus Christ. His life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people who will become leaders and disciplers of others.

My Story

Hi, I’m Carl John Fechner, welcome to my website and this is my story. I am the Founder of Strategy Consultants Pty Ltd. (formally operated as Internet Secrets Made Easy,   founder, author and publisher of the Growing Deep and Strong® Series.  A follower of Jesus Christ and my  life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people who will become leaders and disciplers of others and create an environment that creates leaders that transform nations.

Now I am not sure how or why you are visiting my site, but it is most likely is that you want to

“Check me out”

Before you engage my services to help you transform your online business, or maybe you are looking for a Life Coach, or you want to use our Growing Deep and Strong® Series to bring change and transformation to your life.

Whatever the reason , welcome to my personal web site and I trust that this will help you to get to know me –I love people and more importantly I love to help others grow in their business world and personal lives and for a season of time I may be able to help you in your business or personal life, but first,

I apologise right up front if I appear to be long winded.

But everybody is different and some people don’t need a lot of information before they are ready to “get on the bus” and say “yep, that’s what I need!” and others, well, they want to know every little detail, all the nitty gritty stuff and then more still! So, to some of you that is why it may appear long winded.

Now you don’t have to read everything to see that I can help solve your challenges, in fact skim over it quickly, then decide if I can help you and go back and “check me out” more closely. One more thing.

A man’s word is his word

The culture and society that I was raised in, a handshake was your signature and a man’s word was his word and be dammed to anyone who did not honour his word or handshake

So, some what I am about to share with you is not full of testimonies from others, I can only “shake your hand” and say my word is my word

Ps, I have since learnt that our society today has lost the integrity and honour that was once so highly valued so I have collected testimonies in later years from others to endorse my claims.

Carl John FechnerMy Biography

I was born  in rural Victoria, Australia and currently live in Bairnsdale, Australia with my best mate, my wife Karen. I was raised on a sheep and beef property that my parents pioneered in a small country town in the Gippsland region of Victoria called Trafalgar.

Like my ancestors, I have a pioneering spirit and the ability to spot opportunities, I continually see opportunities all around me.

Unlike many I am not part of the “status quo”, my restless nature and life’s experiences are variegated and multi-coloured and this have given me great insight into marketing and understanding the psychology of people and their buying behaviour

Over the years I have seen many opportunities and created many start-ups, “firsts” in business and transformed many businesses, such as;


  • Building and operating the first commercial ski lodge at Mt Baw Baw.
  • Starting and operating the first “Snow Foam” cavity fill insulation business in Gippsland,
  • Starting my own used car detailing business in Sydney.
  • Starting and creating a very successful used car business in Morwell Victoria, in 1986 I fitted out an empty yard and started with 8 cars worth $15,000, by December 1989 I had 95 cars in stock valued at $950,000 and 33 people working for me and one month due to some clever TV marketing strategies we sold and delivered 85 vehicles.
  • In 1998 Karen and I introduced Cleansing Stream Ministries, (a Healing and deliverance Ministry) to Australia and over a 2-3 year period some 4-5000 people went through the ministry discipleship course in Australia and new Zealand.
  • In 2001—2006 I authored the “©Growing Deep and Strong Series”, an “off the shelf all done for you” 19 or 37 weeks Christian Discipleship and Leadership course that takes a person from a pagan background to a small group leader in twelve months or less.
  • I have created an online search directory (  a guide for Christian resources that have helped me along the way.
  • Around 2005-I re-joined the motor trade and quickly moved back into management roles –as new vehicles manager for Duhig Ford Essendon—I achieved the status of being one of the top 25 Ford dealers in Australia for new vehicle sales volume.
  • I love used cars sales so I moved to Brighton Toyota as used car sales manager and within 90 days we were selling 100% of our stock each month all over Australia via internet sales. One my most spectacular results was 25 vehicles sold on AFL grand final weekend—a notoriously quiet weekend—and it was the result of a very clever online marketing campaign I conceived.
  • In 2007 I created a 3 day in-house used car internet clinic to help the RACV Dealer Approved Network and other automotive dealers increase their used car sales on the internet.
  • In 2012 I  founded a company called Internet Secrets Made Easy to help Small Business Owners transform their online business with a “Hold Your Hand—All Done For You” Turn-Key Service to Unlock The Power of the Internet and Dominate their Niche in the Market Place. in December 2021, I sold the company to focus on life coaching.
  • Today, my life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people to become leaders and disciplers of others and to create an environment that creates leaders who change nations.
  • Due to popular demand, in 2024, I created a new company called Strategy Consultants Pty Ltd, and the focus is to help small to medium size businesses understand how to merge their bricks and mortar business with a successful online presence.
  • In between the times of owning my own business’s I worked for other companies, as a sales person and would quickly gravitate to a management role. When I look back over 38 years of sales and marketing, I cannot help but smile at some of my youthful exuberance and the satisfaction of helping customers’ fulfil their needs.


  • My very first job in sales I tripled their sales in 12 months without any formal sales training
  • When I first started selling cars (and listened to some training stuff) I quickly achieved the status as being one of GMH’ s top sales people on a national level
  • Within three years I became sales manager for some large Sydney Dealerships and trained and developed sales teams to become some of the best sales volume dealerships around.

For example

I took the new car division of a Sydney Toyota dealership to No.1 in NSW and No.3 in Australia Doubled the sales of a Sydney Nissan dealership in 30 days and did the same with a Sydney Mitsubishi dealership after returning to Gippsland I helped a local Ford Dealer become the top selling dealership East of Melbourne in the first 90 days of them taking over the dealership.

In many ways my career path has been my ability to assess almost any given situation, see the big picture and have the necessary administration and marketing skills to develop an infrastructure or framework for others to follow.

I have two main passions in life: My first passion is marketing, particularly online marketing and I see the internet as the greatest media and marketing opportunity in history. I love people, I love God and how he has transformed my life and my second passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people to become leaders and mentors of others.


Over the years I have continually sought to grow mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and in the art of online marketing. I have a passion to learn from those that have the “rungs on the board,” who teach others out their own life experiences

The list of self-development courses I have taken and the books is have read is extensive, but here is a small list of courses that I have completed

  • Completed Two Fortune Instructor Development Programs
  • Completed CarSales Internet training.
  • Completed the Go Incorporated Clint McGee “Road to a Sale” program.
  • Studied, completed and successfully applied the “Control Incorporated” sales system
  • Recruited and trained sales people under the Control sales system.
  • Studied personality profiles for recruiting staff and client relationship
  • Completed a course on recruiting staff by Steve Brown.
  • Studied and taught Selling with NLP.
  • Studied Body language and how it applies to sales
  • Completed Intermediate MS Word course with ATC Training.
  • Completed level one and two MS PowerPoint course with ATC Training.
  • Completed Two Dale Carnegie Courses, 1st as student and 2nd as an assistant leader.
  • Internet and marketing proficiency courses
  • Continual and ongoing thirst for knowledge about Online Marketing
  • Continual and ongoing thirst for Knowledge about spiritual growth
  • Continual and ongoing thirst for knowledge about personal self-development

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