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Carl is a follower of Jesus Christ. Author of the Growing Deep and Strong Series. Founder of Internet Secrets Made Easy. His life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people who will become leaders and disciplers of others.

How to Unlock the Bible for a New Christian

Unlock the BibleHave you noticed how new Christians have trouble reading the Bible?

You can ask them to turn to John 3:16, one of the most well known and quoted Bible verses and you find them staring back at you with a blank look on their face.

Today’s new Christian believers are coming into their Christian faith from an unchurched background and have great difficulty understanding how to read the Bible.

They are embarrassed

EmbarrassedAt the age of 42, I had a very powerful encounter with God and knew that I would be a follower of Jesus Christ for the rest of my life.

However, coming from an unchurched background and the mistaken belief that Churches were for funerals and weddings I found it a very daunting experience and at times embarrassing when it was just taken for granted that I could just pick up the Bible and begin reading and understand the content.

They struggle

struggleJust like most of your new Christians I really struggled and failed to understand the context of how it is written and how it is a magnificent road map on how to live life to the fullest.

I came from a very successful business and managerial background and at times I felt very inadequate when it came to this whole new experience.

My wife and I were very worldly and had basically broken every one of the ten commandments and our new Christian faith was polar opposite to our world view and we needed to unlearn everyone of our beliefs and align our lifestyle to the Word of God.

Understanding the Bible

understanding the bibleI knew the answers were in the Bible, but it was daunting trying to quickly learn God’s and apply it to how we should be living our everyday life according to His word.

You will find most new Christians don’t understand the Bible and after a while it becomes not much more than another book on the shelf collecting dust and they go back to their old way of life and never really grow and mature in their faith.

God was so gracious to me as I went on a journey of trying to understand how to apply the Bible to my walk while on earth.

I have almost every version of the Bible on my bookshelf, but the one that changed my life the most was the NKJV Spirit Filled Life Study Bible, although it is NKJV version, it was the study notes and the footnotes etc. from some 50 well respected Bible Scholars that helped me understand how to apply the Bible to my everyday walk.

Unlock the Bible with an intentional Discipleship path

If you want to help new Christians from an unchurched background its important that you take them on a journey through the Bible from their world view perspective without compromising the integrity of God’s word, the Bible.

How to Unlock the Bible for new Christians

new ChristiansMyself and others have spent 36,000 hours over a 5-year period creating an off the shelf, easy to use, simple to understand, intentional Christian Discipleship path that takes a new Believer from a pagan background to a small group leader in 12 months or less.

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