Carl John Fechner
Carl is a follower of Jesus Christ. Author of the Growing Deep and Strong Series. Founder of Internet Secrets Made Easy. His life passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people who will become leaders and disciplers of others.

Perfect PeaceThis is how you keep perfect peace in these times, now I don’t know where you’re at the moment but I know that at the moment I’m really taking  a faith step that is quite significant and its really like a big faith step, and this verse is just an appropriate. Isn’t God good in what he does and he knows our needs and you know if you spend time in prayer with him you will hear and he will speak to you through his spirit the holy spirit, and this is what Isaiah 26:3 says, and I’m reading out of the new king James spiritual life bible it is just a fantastic bible with all its notes so here it is and its actually three and four. “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you trust in the Lord forever for in yah the Lord is everlasting strength”. You will keep him that’s you me, you will keep us in perfect peace when our mind stayed on you, because we trust in you trust in the Lord forever for in yah the lord is everlasting strength.


In the footnotes in this in 26:3 perfect peace is expressed in Hebrew by shalom, shalom a Hebrew method of putting great emphasis on a word. You will keep him in everything in the word shalom implies health, happiness, well-being, peace the word translated mind is not the usual Hebrew word, but rather a word meaning creative imagination, Azai’s thought Is that he whose creative imagination the seat of plans and ideas is firmly founded on the eternal lord will enjoy shalom in all its implications. So, in the translation here our mind creative imagination is stayed on God and his promises regardless of what is happening in the environment around us.Perfect Peace

So, if we stay focuses on him in our creative imagination and not allow the enemy to come in, that means he will keep us in prefect peace and perfect means can be good or bad sense, so the mind can run to the negative without being fixed on God. But what God is saying here and by his spirit and his word your God will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on him because he trusts in you and that means you trust in him. So, shalom is a complete welfare, safe, whole health, tranquil, prosperity, rest, harmony a complete absence of agitation or discourse.

The interesting thing for me in my face step is that in heaven everyone’s got a book in heaven of what God’s dream and plans for him and over my lifetime and my walk with God I’ve had heaps of people prophesy the destiny in the plan that God has for us, it’s his dream and he’s got one for you to written in the book of heaven for you as well. He got an amazing amount of prophecies over my life, and its interesting in your journey God brings people across your path to help you one of the people prophetic people that really helped me was a guy called Graham Cooke and that’s Graham H with a H and an E on the end and cook with an E on the end as well Graham Cooke an amazing man of God and got a great prophetic ministry, but what he did is I went to I sensed well karen and  I sense that the holy spirit told us to go to one of his conferences and when we went there, there was one there was much we go out of it but this one thing we got out of it which I want to share with you is this, when you receive a prophecy over your life it’s basically what God’s dream and plan is for you.

Perfect Peace

So, all of these things in here our God’s dream and planned for Carl John Fechner me right so this is but this is how he said Graham Cooke said “how you can translate that prophecy” and it says when God gets prophecy over Graham Cooke says “this is who I’ve become God is open his heart to me this is his promise to me I don’t have to ask, he’s given me permission but claim it, decree it, declare it and thank him I have permission from him” so I’ve already personalized that so I just want to read that to you again. This is who I’ve become God has open his heart to me this is his promise to me I don’t have to ask or beg him because he’s given me permission so my duty is to proclaim it, decree it, declare it and thank him because I have permission for him. So, all of these prophecies I’d condensed down to little short paragraphs and I personalized them so that they have already happened because that’s in God’s eyes the dreams that are destined in the plans that he has for us they’re already done in his world already done it’s just us in our fallen humanity that we go to a negative place and you know don’t see it or the devil whispers in their ear or that’ll never happen for you and all the other nonsense.

But how you overcome that is just what he’s saying in the desire 26:3 here, and so you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you, so what that so that’s just amazing  you know with that promise there you will keep him God will keep me in perfect peace as my mind stays on him because I trust in him I trust in him that this will come to pass and I have been saying this for months and most of it has been intellectual ascent that hasn’t been able to go  from here to here but I can assure you in the last I don’t know period of time six months it might even be less I know that is what God is saying to me and some of that is because I’m spending a lot if time in prayer with him I’m not saying I’m a hero with that that’s just God wants us to do I want to get the mind of God through this and the holy spirit is speaking to me through these and proclaiming it, so in this in my own my heart this has come to where probably 99% of this I’ve now accepted in my heart this is the reality of it doesn’t  change that doesn’t change the fact that there’s face steps that I’m actually walking through now to be able to complete that but how good is God that when I go to look at this word this morning and that the verse though he told me to look up as for another story but my bible falls home to this page so my faith is being tested in a particular area in my life he says this first to me he is such a good guy so I encounter trust that that’s encouraging to.

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